Codecraft Club at School

Combining creative arts (A) learning with traditional science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will be key to innovation in the future. Make 21st Century learning a school-wide activity with a Codecraft Club at your school! Students and families explore together and enjoy the various hands-on activities. Let Codecraft Lab usher in STE(A)M learning with our hands-on projects and activities.

What students can expect in Codecraft Clubs:

  • An introduction to how computers work.
  • An introduction to computational thinking and the importance of breaking down problems.
  • An introduction to algorithms and the use of them in problem-solving.
  • Solid understanding of online safety and privacy
  • Activity ideas for further discovery at home.
  • A reinforcement of the idea that with persistence and creativity, anyone can learn computer programming.

What volunteers, teachers, PTOs and Administrations can expect when running Codecraft Clubs:

  • A powerful and FUN introduction to computer science and computer programming, that you CAN use
  • Online, step-by-step, project prompts and lessons with examples and clearly written instructions for the instructor lead at each club meeting
  • 2x per year in-person training and ready support for volunteers and teachers
  • Templates for student recruitment, enrollment, parent updates & communication
  • Improved student performance on computer-based standardized tests

Codecraft Club curriculum may be utilized as school fundraisers for PTO/PTA programs or community groups. Contact us at for more information.

School Field Trip Destination

Codecraft Lab makes an excellent destination for a 1/2 day class field trip. We offer hands-on, code-crafting lab visits where students are immersed in the world of computer science and the high-tech industry. Think computer innards, the binary system, and code! Codecraft Lab is committed to empowering students to discover the magic of computing. We bring computer science to life with interactive learning, engaging field trip project options, and coordination with industry experts for live presentations or industry Q&A. Enrich your students’ learning experiences with our field trip programs for K-12 graders.

Field Trip Workshops:

  • Focus on specific math themes and concepts like base 10 versus binary.
  • Build on using algorithms and logic to solve problems.
  • Introduce processes, concepts, and themes utilizing a fun, hands-on approach.
  • Foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Present learn-to-code projects that supplement formal STEM curriculum.

Contact us at for more information.

School Visits

Can’t get away? Don’t worry, we can bring Codecraft Lab to you. With portable projects, we supply the instruction and you can supply the computers, or not! As always, the kids supply the imagination, energy and creativity! Let our experienced instructors bring the magic of computer code to your classroom. Codecraft Lab projects are a great way to enhance your STE(A)M curriculum and motivate your students. With hands-on activities and engaging instruction, students are challenged by technology relevant to their daily lives.

Contact us at for more information.