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Codecraft Clubs provide a great 1st-course option and are hosted at schools as a 1-hour per week after-school activity in the school media center or computer lab. Student families pay $10 per week,  based on the total number of weeks in a club year at the school’s discretion. Want to offer a Codecraft Club at your school? Check our existing school partner locations, and then talk to your school’s principal about starting a Codecraft Club at your school.

Combining creative arts (A) learning with traditional science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will be key to innovation in the future. Make 21st-century learning a school-wide activity with a Codecraft Club at your school! Students explore together and enjoy the various hands-on programming challenges and unplugged activities.

What students can expect in Codecraft Club:

  • An introduction to how computers work.
  • An introduction to computational thinking and the importance of breaking down problems.
  • An introduction to algorithms and the use of them in problem-solving.
  • Solid understanding of online safety and privacy
  • Activity ideas for further discovery at home.
  • A reinforcement of the idea that with persistence and creativity, anyone can learn computer programming.

What volunteers, teachers, PTOs and Administrations can expect when running Codecraft Clubs:

  • A powerful and FUN introduction to computer science and computer programming, that you CAN use
  • Online, step-by-step, project prompts and lessons with examples and clearly written instructions for the instructor lead at each club meeting
  • 2x per year in-person training and ready support for volunteers and teachers
  • Templates for student recruitment, enrollment, parent updates & communication
  • Improved student performance on computer-based standardized tests

If you have additional questions or you are looking for something more, contact us at for more information.