Start a Codecraft Club

Does your school want to start an after-school Codecraft Club?
With our support, launch your after-school computer programming club, quickly and easily.

  1. Read the Codecraft Clubs Overview for information on how a club typically operates.
  2. Use the form below to let us know what works for you.
  3. Watch for an email with your club enrollment link and customizable club awareness and student recruitment materials to share with families at your school .

Codecraft Clubs Overview

Typically, Clubs meet once a week, on a day picked by your school. You choose how many students to include based on the number of computers available to the Club in the school computer lab or media center. We become partners!

Your school provides use of the computer lab or media center and a teacher sponsor to attend each meeting.

We will provide a technical mentor trained in Codecraft Getting Started with Computer Science and Engineering curriculum, all club lessons and projects, and an invitation to the Codecraft Computer Programming Competition (CCPC).

Parents pay a curriculum fee of $10 per child per week (or club hour). We provide an online enrollment platform, club awareness and marketing templates for your use.

Your school’s Codecraft Club can run for as many weeks as you’d like, depending on the school’s ability to provide the space for their students. Most clubs run an average of 25 weeks.

Financial need scholarships are available through non-profit community partnerships, and an application is available online.

What Works for You?

Use the form below and launch your Codecraft Club: