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Afterschool Labs & Clubs

Throughout the school year, Codecraft Labs & Clubs offer weekly meetups for kids ages eight to 18. Students get together with like-minded individuals and learn-to-code, a critical 21st-century skill for mobility and empowerment. The lab is hands-on and self-paced, accompanied by workshops, talks, and social events.

Summer Camps

Put the games away, get together with your friends, and learn the secrets behind making the tech you love! In these focused, one-week camp sessions students learn-to-mod Minecraft, create a web app to make a difference in their community, or practice "defence against the dark arts," in cutting edge cyber defence camps. Kids and teens alike enjoy exciting and productive time in Codecraft Lab’s safe, high-tech, hackerspace!

Field Trips & Workshops

Enjoy a field trip to Codecraft Lab for STE(A)M-powered, hands-on, experiences. Earn a Scout Badge, learn-to-code an autonomous rover on Mars, or grab an intro to Web Dev and learn the basics of website design, development, hosting, or security. Let us help you get started! Visit a Codecraft Lab for a fantastic, high-tech experience.

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Home to a huge technology industry with software companies large and small, individuals and organizations in Orlando continue to bring innovative ideas to the market and understand competitive advantage. Young and talented families working in every industry recognize Codecraft Lab as the perfect competitive advantage for all Orange County students, eight to 18.


The Space Coast boasts the largest share of science, technology, engineering and math-related jobs in Florida, according to a 2013 Brookings Institute report. The Milken Institute found the Space Coast is home to the most concentrated high-tech workforce in Florida. This community values early and equal, access to computer science, engineering and security education as a launchpad to high growth, high wage opportunities. 3 - 2 -1 CODECRAFT!


Tallahassee, Florida - The state’s capitol is a dynamic and supportive space for technology, business, and community. Tallahassee was recently named a Top 50 city for entrepreneurs as well as a Top 10 city for growth in startup activity. Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College from an intellectual hub for this rapidly growing entrepreneurial scene.